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Below you will find the best welding schools in El Paso, Texas. Whether you’re new to welding or looking to advance your skills, easily find the right fit for your educational pursuits. Explore crucial factors like program flexibility, experienced instructors, and hands-on training opportunities as you peruse our thoughtfully curated list. Initiate your journey toward a rewarding welding education in El Paso, tailored to meet your career aspirations.

El Paso Community College

919 Hunter Dr, El Paso, TX 79915

(915) 831-2813


El Paso Community College (EPCC) offers a comprehensive Welding Technology program at its Advanced Technology Center, providing students with hands-on training in welding techniques used across various metal types.

The Certificate of Completion in Welding program is designed to prepare individuals for employment as Commercial/Industrial AWS Certified Welders. The program provides a solid foundation in basic welding principles, covering SMAW, MIG, TIG, and Oxy-Fuel welding.

Students gain proficiency in single and multi-pass welding in various positions. The curriculum emphasizes blueprint reading, job estimating, fabrication procedures, metallurgy, and weld inspections.

The course structure balances classroom theory (50%) and hands-on lab practice (50%).

Programs Offered

  • Certificate of Completion in Welding

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The approximate cost is around $7,000, with financial aid available for qualifying students.

Sun City Welding Academy

6940 Commerce Avenue, El Paso, TX 79915

(915) 888-6082


Sun City Welding Academy specializes in industrial pipe welding for the Oil & Gas, commercial, and residential industries.

Courses range from 4 to 24 weeks and certify welders for both company and individual purposes.

They provide training in MiG (GMAW) Welding, Tig (GTAW) Welding, Stick (SMAW) Welding, Flux Core, Structural Steel Combination Pipeline, and conduct seminars covering All Alloys.

Programs Offered

  • Introduction To Welding: Oxygen/acetylene cutting, basic trade skills & fundamentals of welding.
  • Plate SMAW : Teaches individuals how to weld a welding rod in various positions on flat, overhead, vertical, and horizontal surfaces.
  • Pipe SMAW: Covers welding an open butt groove pipe with a stick rod in multiple positions.
  • Plate-Pipe SMAW: Involves welding an open butt groove plate and pipe with the Stick process in multiple positions.
  • Pipe GTAW: Teaches welding an open butt groove pipe with TIG in multiple positions.
  • Pipe Combination Welder: Instructs on welding an open butt groove pipe in various positions with both processes SMAW & GTAW.
  • Pipe Combo Welder: Covers welding open butt groove on Plate & Pipe using SMAW & GTAW processes.

Additional Information

Financial Aid

Sun City Welding Academy offers payment plans, and financial assistance options are available via Mia Share.

Program Duration

Introduction To Welding (80 HRS. / 4 Weeks)
Plate SMAW (160 HRS. / 8 Weeks)
Pipe SMAW (160 HRS. / 8 Weeks)
Plate-Pipe SMAW (240 HRS. / 12 Weeks)
Pipe GTAW (160 HRS. / 8 Weeks)
Pipe Combination Welder (320 HRS. / 16 Weeks)
Pipe Combo Welder 480 (480 HRS. / 24 Weeks)

Western Technical College

9624 Plaza Cir, El Paso, TX 79927

(915) 760-8130


Western Technical College stands out as a leader in providing customized training solutions and nationally-recognized certification programs, with a specialization in Advanced & Combination Welding.

Boasting spacious and tech-friendly facilities, equipped with modern tools and overseen by AWS Certified Welding Inspectors, Western Tech offers a wide range of welding training options as well as training services for local welding businesses.

Training can be conducted on-site or at Western Tech, locally, nationally, or internationally.

Programs Offered

  • AWS Structural Training & Certifications
  • AWS Pipe Training & Certifications
  • GTAW Gas Tungsten Arc Welding (TIG)
  • GMAW Gas Metal Arc Welding (MIG)
  • SMAW Shielded Metal Arc Welding (Stick)
  • FCAW Flux Cored Arc Welding
  • Basics of Metallurgy & Welding Fundamentals
  • Pipe Welding Symbols
  • Blueprint Reading Fundamentals
  • Code Welding
  • Welding Shop Safety Training
  • Confined Space Welding Training

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Noteworthy Clients

The school takes pride in its collaboration with esteemed organizations, including Motivation Education & Training, Inc. (MET), Dona Ana County Fleet Maintenance, TE Connectivity (Tyco Electronics), Department of Assistive & Rehabilitative Services (DARS), Sun Contracting Solutions, Inc., Sundt, Inc. (Certification Testing), Tornillo ISD, Quality Transport, Inc., Blue Origin Texas, and El Paso Water.

How to Enroll

For further information and inquiries, individuals are encouraged to contact Samuel Groover, the Customized Training Coordinator.

San Jacinto Adult Learning Center

1216 Olive St. El Paso, TX 79901



The San Jacinto Adult Learning Center (ALC) offers a one-year welding program aimed at preparing individuals for employment in the manufacturing industry.

The program focuses on providing hands-on experience and proper training in welding, machining, and industrial sheet metal fabrication.

The San Jacinto Adult Learning Center, established in 1905 and designed by Edward Kneezell, is the oldest school building in El Paso still in use. Originally an elementary school, it closed down in 1976 and has since been repurposed for adult education. The red brick building features wooden floors, high ceilings, and steam heaters, reflecting the architecture of its era. With thirteen available classrooms, three computer labs, and offices on the second floor, the school provides a conducive learning environment.

Programs Offered

  • What Do Welders Do? 1 year program
  • Torch certification Victor
  • D1.1 Structural – Am. Welding Society
  • D9.1 Sheet Metal – American Welding Society
  • ASME -IX – Am. Society of Mechanical Engineers
  • API 1104 – Am. Petroleum Institute
  • ASNT – Am. Society of Non-Destructive Testing

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1 Year.

Ysleta Independent School District

9600 Sims Dr., El Paso, TX 79925



The Ysleta Independent School District (YISD) offers a comprehensive two-year welding program designed to equip students with the necessary tasks and skills for successful employment in the welding industry. The program is led by Instructor Mr. Guillermo Velasquez.

YISD upholds high standards in implementing its CTE Programs, combining challenging academic standards with relevant technical knowledge and skills. CTE curriculum is designed to prepare students for higher education and careers in current or emerging professions.

Programs Offered

  • 11th Grade – Welding I
  • 12th Grade – Welding II

Additional Information

Course Overview

11th Grade – Welding I:

Provides knowledge, skills, and technologies essential for employment in metal technology systems.

Focuses on the integration of academic and technical knowledge, reinforcing skills applicable to personal career development.

Prepares students with insights into career opportunities, requirements, expectations, and workplace skills for future success.

12th Grade – Welding II:

Builds on the knowledge and skills acquired in Welding I.

Explores advanced welding concepts and skills relevant to personal and career development.

Integrates academic and technical knowledge to further reinforce, apply, and transfer skills to various settings and challenges.