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South Plains College

3907 Avenue Q, Lubbock, TX 79412

(806) 716-2551


South Plains College’s Welding Technology program is designed to impart the fundamentals of industrial welding processes with a focus on layout and design. The curriculum covers various aspects, including welding processes, procedures, blueprint reading, welding metallurgy, plate welding, pipe welding, pipe fitting, and welding inspection and testing methods.

The program provides multiple certification options, starting with the Basic Welding Processes Certificate of Proficiency, offered at Levelland, Plainview, and Lubbock. This certificate covers oxy-fuel welding, shielded metal arc (stick), gas metal arc (MIG), and gas tungsten arc (TIG) welding, along with blueprint reading, metallurgy, electricity basics, and welding safety.

For those seeking more advanced skills, the program offers the Advanced Welding Processes Certificate of Proficiency, a continuation of the basic certificate, focusing on intermediate and advanced pipe welding, gas metal arc, gas tungsten arc welding, and layout and fabrication.

The Associate of Applied Science Degree in Welding Technology is designed to provide comprehensive training, covering welding processes, procedures, blueprint reading, metallurgy, structural and pipe welding, pipe fitting, layout, fabrication, welding inspection, and testing methods. The degree program spans four semesters and is designed to articulate Tech Prep transfer courses.

South Plains College is a participating organization in the American Welding Society’s SENSE program, offering Level I – Entry Level Welder and Level II – Advanced Welder certifications. Students completing the Basic Welding Processes Certificate also fulfill the requirements for AWS Level I, while the Advanced Welding Processes Certificate aligns with AWS Level II.

Prospective students can contact program advisors at different campuses, including Jimmy Stratton-Levelland (806-716-2942,, Shawn Weiser-Plainview (806-716-4417,, and Larry Kirk-Lubbock (806-716-2551, The program emphasizes hands-on training and practical skills development, preparing students for entry-level positions in the welding and metal fabricating industry.

Programs Offered

  • Welding Technology program
  • Level I – Entry Level Welder Certification
  • Level II – Advanced Welder Certification
  • Associate of Applied Science Degree in Welding Technology

Additional Information

How to Apply

To enroll, you need to apply for admission to South Plains College. Visit the South Plains College website, navigate to “Information for Future SPC Students,” and follow the steps outlined under “Getting Started at SPC.”

Class Schedules

Full-time students attend classes Monday through Friday. The schedule includes morning and afternoon sessions, providing flexibility for students. Additionally, schedules for the Lubbock and Plainview Centers can be obtained by contacting the respective campus coordinators.

Program Duration

The Basic Certificate requires two semesters, and the Advanced Certificate takes an additional two semesters. Completion of the Associate Degree requires four semesters. Each semester spans sixteen weeks.

Job Placement

South Plains College offers job placement services to assist welding graduates in finding employment opportunities in the industry.