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Online welding schools offer flexibility, accessibility, and cost-effectiveness, allowing students to study at their own pace regardless of location. With diverse learning resources and personalized support, students gain practical skills and certifications, enhancing career prospects.

Additionally, online learning provides a safe and convenient way to acquire theoretical knowledge before engaging in hands-on training, ensuring preparedness for welding environments.

Online Welding Schools in Texas

The following welding schools in Texas offer some form of online welding classes, typically in a hybrid format. Students typically will take some or the majority of classes in an online learning environment and apply skills learned in an in-person environment.

North Central Texas College

810 S. Mills St. Bowie, TX 76230

1525 W. California St. Gainesville, TX 76240

928 Cherry St. Graham, TX 76450

(940) 668-7731


North Central Texas College (NCTC) offers Basic Level 1 certificate, Level 1 certificate, and Welding AAS programs at their Bowie, Gainesville, and Graham campuses. All programs contain a mix of in-person, hybrid, and online classes.

Career Opportunities

Graduates can pursue careers in construction, fabrication, rail car manufacturing, maintenance, and repair. Opportunities extend to entrepreneurial ventures specializing in areas such as underwater welding, decorative metalwork, and automotive welding.

Program Details

NCTC’s welding curriculum covers a range of processes including Oxy-Fuel and Cutting, Shielded Metal Arc, Gas Metal Arc, Gas Tungsten Arc, and Flux Cored Arc welding. Emphasis is placed on practical skills development, blueprint reading, and adherence to industry standards. Students must pass rigorous welding tests for each process to earn certification.

Certificate Options

The Basic Welding Level I Certificate provides fundamental skills in one semester, while the Level 1 Workforce Certificate offers a more comprehensive year-long program. Both cover safety practices, welding techniques, and blueprint interpretation.

Associate of Applied Science (AAS) Degree

The AAS degree extends over two years and includes advanced courses in welding processes, industrial mathematics, safety, and business writing. The program emphasizes hands-on experience and culminates in a cooperative education capstone.

NCTC’s welding programs offer a pathway to a rewarding career in a vital industry. With flexible course options and campuses in key locations, aspiring welders can embark on their journey with confidence. Contact NCTC’s advisors to kickstart your welding career today.

Degrees/Certifications Offered

  • Basic Level 1 certificate
  • Level 1 certificate
  • Welding AAS

Additional Information

Program Duration

Tyler Junior College

1400 E 5th St, Tyler, TX 75701

(888) 574-6218


The Welding Technician Online Certification Program at TJC equips students with essential skills for various industries, including industrial, transportation, and oil and gas. This non-credit program aims to prepare students for professional certification, offering training aligned with American Welding Society (AWS) standards.

Career Opportunities

Graduates are prepared for roles as Welders, Cutters, Solderers, and Brazers, with opportunities spanning industries like construction, manufacturing, and defense. The program’s comprehensive curriculum ensures students are ready to tackle diverse welding challenges in the workforce.

National certifications, including AWS SENSE Level 1 Certificate of Completion and NWCA Welding Technician Certification, are available upon completion.

Course Details

The program covers a wide range of topics essential for welding technicians. From understanding industry career paths to mastering welding safety practices and techniques, students gain a solid foundation in welding processes like SMAW. The curriculum includes engaging labs, videos, and simulations, ensuring interactive learning experiences.

Support and Resources

Students benefit from 24/7 instructor support, collaboration opportunities, and access to a secure Student Portal offering career guidance and resources. The program emphasizes practical skills development, preparing students for success in the dynamic field of welding.

Degrees/Certifications Offered

  • Level 1 Welding Certificate

Additional Information


The tuition for the Level 1 certificate is $2,599.


Prospective students should have a high school diploma or GED to qualify for the program.

Texarkana College

2500 N Robison Rd, Texarkana, TX 75599

(903) 823-3251


Texarkana College offers top-notch welding programs with in-person and online class options designed to meet the high demand for skilled welders in various industries. Whether pursuing an associate degree, certificate, or occupational skills award, students receive hands-on training from experienced instructors at two convenient training sites.

Career Prospects

Welding graduates find employment opportunities in manufacturing, petrochemical, fabrication, and aviation industries. With job security and potential for high earnings, welding remains a resilient field amidst economic fluctuations.

Program Options

Texarkana College provides flexible scheduling options, including full-time and part-time study, with classes available during both day and night. The curriculum combines face-to-face instruction with online class components.

Training Facilities

Students benefit from state-of-the-art facilities equipped with modern technology and equipment, including the VRTEX 360 Virtual Welder. This immersive tool allows for practical training in various welding techniques and environments, ensuring students are well-prepared for real-world challenges.

Certification Opportunities

The welding program offers certifications such as the Welding Certificate (1 year) and the Welding Technology Occupational Skills Award (1 semester), providing students with industry-recognized credentials upon completion.

Featured Courses

Key courses cover fundamental welding equipment and safety, pipe welding techniques, and blueprint reading for welders. These courses emphasize practical skills development and prepare students for the demands of the welding profession.

Marketable Skills

Graduates acquire a range of marketable skills, including critical thinking, teamwork, communication, and professionalism, alongside technical competencies such as blueprint reading and problem-solving.

With top-notch training facilities, experienced instructors, and flexible online classes, Texarkana College stands out as a premier choice for aspiring welders in Texas.

Degrees/Certifications Offered

  • Welding Certificate
  • Welding Technology Occupational Skills Award

Additional Information


The approximate total program cost for full-time, in-district students (Bowie County residents) is $7,185

Program Duration

Welding Technology Occupational Skills Award: 11 credit hours over 1 semester
Welding Certificate: 42 credit hours over 3 semesters

Texas Tech University

100% Online



The Welder Technician online course offered by Texas Tech University covers essential welding skills, from basic metal cutting to rigging and manufacturing management. With a duration of 12 months and 125 course hours, this self-paced course provides flexible learning options to accommodate various student schedules.

The course can be completed entirely online, but it does not provide necessary training for a welding certification. If you wish to pursue a welding certification, you may need to find a different program or see how this welding program can be applied towards other training providers to achieve certification.

Course Curriculum

The curriculum encompasses diverse topics such as welding safety, troubleshooting, inspection methods, metallurgy, rigging, and fabrication processes. Students gain practical knowledge and skills through detailed modules covering math fundamentals, inspection techniques, safety protocols, materials, and quality control.

Requirements and Support

Hardware and software requirements are minimal, with access available on both PC and Mac platforms. The course is designed for open enrollment, allowing students to online classes start at their convenience and complete it within twelve months. While the course is self-paced, support is available through email, online forms, and phone assistance, ensuring students receive necessary guidance throughout their learning journey.

Certification and Job Prospects

Although the course does not directly prepare students for certification, successful completion leads to a Certificate of Completion. Graduates are equipped with the skills needed for entry-level positions in welding-related fields. The curriculum emphasizes marketable skills such as critical thinking, teamwork, communication, and professionalism, enhancing employability prospects.

The Welder Technician course offers a comprehensive yet flexible learning experience for individuals seeking to pursue a career in welding. With a focus on practical skills development and industry-relevant curriculum, students will be prepared for most for entry-level positions in various welding-related industries. For those interested in acquiring essential welding skills in a convenient online format, this course serves as a valuable opportunity to kickstart their careers.

Degrees/Certifications Offered

  • No welding certifications – graduates are awarded a “Certificate of Completion”

Additional Information


12 months (125 course hours)

Tuition & Financial Aid

The course tuition is $2,145, with financing options available for as low as $104 a month. While federal aid and Pell Grants do not apply to non-credit courses, some students may qualify for financial assistance through vocational rehab or workforce development boards. Additionally, select schools offer financing options for eligible students.