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Discover top-notch welding schools in San Antonio, Texas, using our straightforward guide. Whether you’re a newcomer to welding or seeking to elevate your skills, effortlessly find the perfect fit for your educational journey. Evaluate key factors like program flexibility, experienced instructors, and hands-on training options as you navigate our meticulously curated list. Take the first step toward a fulfilling welding education in San Antonio, tailored to align with your career goals.

South Texas Vocational Technical Institute

734 SE Military Dr., San Antonio, TX 78214



South Texas Vocational Technical Institute’s (STVT) Combination Welding program provides hands-on learning and emphasizes workplace safety. The program, designed to be completed in just 10 months, offers a diploma upon successfully finishing 56.5 credit hours.

Why Choose STVT’s Combination Welding Program?

  • Industry-Driven Curriculum: STVT’s program is tailored to meet industry demands, ensuring that students acquire the essential skills for a successful career in welding.
  • National Center for Construction Education and Research (NCCER): STVT’s welding program aligns with NCCER standards, offering industry-recognized credentials. These credentials enhance the national portability of your skills, making you a desirable candidate for employers.
  • Wide Range of Career Opportunities: Upon completion of the program, graduates can pursue entry-level positions in various welding roles, including assembler, fabricator, machinist, welder, and more.

What Sets Combination Welding Apart?

  • Versatility: Combination welding involves mastering two or more welding processes, making you a versatile welder capable of handling diverse projects.
  • Career Relevance: Welders remain essential across industries like aerospace, construction, power, and oil. Learning combination welding ensures you stay relevant and in-demand.
  • Comprehensive Understanding: By learning combination welding, you gain a comprehensive understanding of different welding methods, enhancing your skill set for a successful career.

STVT’s San Antonio campus features modern classrooms and technical labs where students experience a blend of lectures and hands-on instruction. With a commitment to personalized attention, intentional programs, and career services, STVT is dedicated to ensuring your success from education to career.

Programs Offered

  • Combination Welding program

Additional Information

How to Enroll

Contact an admissions representative to guide you through the enrollment process.

St. Philip’s College

MLK Campus: 1801 Martin Luther King Dr, San Antonio, TX 78203

SW Campus: 800 Quintana Rd, San Antonio, TX 78211



Explore a career in welding with St. Philip’s College, offering a Welder/Welding Technologist program at its MLK and SW campuses in San Antonio, Texas. As part of the Allied Construction Trades department under the Advanced Manufacturing & Logistics Institute, the program provides a solid foundation for diverse opportunities in the welding industry.

  • Industry Opportunities: The program prepares students for various welding opportunities in manufacturing shops, maintenance shops, steel construction sites, ship-building, oil field operations, and ranch-related welding.
  • Hands-on Learning: Students gain extensive skills through shop activities using industrial welding equipment, including SMAW, GMAW, FCAW, GTAW, and Oxy-Fuel.
  • Certification: The program is certified by the American Welding Society, allowing students to test for the quality of welds in critical areas such as aircraft welding and manufacturing operations.

Programs Offered

  • Welder/Welding Technologist, A.A.S.: This program provides a well-rounded education, preparing students for roles like Contractor, Certified Welder, Shop Foremen, Field Foremen, Fitter/Welder, Welder, and Welder Helper.
  • Inert Gas GTAW/GMAW Welder (MSGW) Level 1 Certificate: Focus on specific welding techniques, leading to roles such as Certified Welder, Shop Foremen, Fitter/Welder, Welder, and Welder’s Helper.
  • Structural/Pipe Layout Level 1 Certificate: Specialize in structural and pipe layout, opening doors to opportunities as a Contractor, Certified Welder, Shop Foremen, and more.
  • Entry-Level Welder, Level 1 Certificate: Tailored for those seeking entry-level positions, with a focus on becoming a Welder’s Helper.

The program collaborated with the American Welding Society (AWS) to become an Accredited Testing Facility in response to labor shortages and an aging workforce.

Additional Information

High School Articulation Programs

The Welding Program offers articulation programs for high school students, providing up to eight semester hours of credit in welding.

Physical/Health Requirements

Students should meet specific physical and health requirements, including finger and manual dexterity, climbing, balancing, stooping, kneeling, lifting heavy objects, and near-visual acuity.

Southern Careers Institute

6963 NW Loop 410, San Antonio, TX 78238



SCI is one of the largest welding schools in Texas with locations in San Antonio as well as in Austin, Corpus Christi, Harlingen, Pharr, and Waco. The school emphasizes welding safety, machine setup, metallurgy, and more in its curriculum.

Aligning with industry standards, SCI’s program prepares students for certification exams, including National Center for Construction Education and Research (NCCER) Core and Welding Level 1 and 2 Certificates, as well as OSHA-10.

Graduates of SCI’s Welding Program are equipped for entry-level positions in a variety of welding roles.

Programs Offered

  • Shielded Metal Arc Welding (stick welding)
  • Gas Metal Arc Welding (GMAW/MIG)
  • Flux Cored Arc Welding (FCAW)
  • Gas Tungsten Arc Welding (GTAW/TIG).

Additional Information


7 Months

Financial Aid

SCI understands the importance of accessible education and offers various financial aid options, including scholarships, grants, vocational rehabilitation, employment programs, federal grants and loans, and military assistance programs such as the GI Bill.

Student Services

Tutoring: Available at no cost to all students, providing support in various subjects.
Test Preparation: Hands-on preparation for essential tests and exams.
Academic Advising: Guidance from the beginning through graduation.
Student Activities: Engaging activities fostering personal and community growth.

South San Antonio Independent School District

7535 Barlite Blvd, San Antonio, TX 78224

(210) 977-7350


South San Antonio High School offers a Welding program that equips students with the skills needed for welding and joining metal components. The program focuses on practical aspects such as hand-welding, flame-cutting, and welding in various positions, including flat, vertical, or overhead. Students learn to lay out, position, align, and secure parts and assemblies, ensuring conformance with specifications.

The Welding program is part of the Architecture and Construction Career Cluster® and offers a progressive curriculum across four levels. Students can earn high school credits, industry certifications, and explore postsecondary options related to welding.

Programs Offered

  • National Metal Working Skills Certification
  • NCCER Welding Level I
  • AWS D1.1 Structural Steel
  • AWS D9.1 Sheet Metal Welding
  • AWS SENSE Welding Level 1

Additional Information


High School students enrolled in South San Antonio ISD.

Propel Career Academy

10231 Kotzebue Street, San Antonio Texas 78217

(888) 338-7712


Propel Career Academy offers an accelerated Commercial Welding Trade program designed for individuals seeking to start or advance their career in welding. The program is a 10-month immersive experience covering core education requirements for welding certification. With flexible class schedules in the morning, afternoon, and evening, students can choose the session that suits their needs.

  • Hands-On Experience: Students have the opportunity to gain practical working experience through the Propel Prefab Facility, allowing them to work in the trade while learning.
  • Materials and Tools: The academy provides necessary materials and tools for the program, ensuring students have access to the resources they need.
  • Paid Experience: Students can benefit from paid, hands-on experience on actual welding projects, enhancing their skills and real-world application.
  • Class Options: Two class time options are available, offering flexibility for students to work while they study.
  • Curriculum Highlights: The program covers safety training, OSHA 10 training, classroom and lab time, welding trade training, and welding theory and application.

Programs Offered

  • Commercial Welding Trade Program

Additional Information


10 Months.

Financial Aid

Financial aid options are available to eligible students.

North East Independent School District Career and Technical Education Center

3736 Perrin Central, Bldg 4, San Antonio, TX 78217

(210) 407-0742


The Welding program at the North East Independent School District Career and Technical Education Center (CTEC) is designed to prepare students for entry-level employment in the welding field. The curriculum covers a comprehensive range of topics, including safety, tool usage, Gas Metal Arc Welding, Stick Metal Arc Welding, oxyfuel cutting and welding, and more.

  • Flexible Duration: While students are not required to participate for all four years, a two-year commitment is encouraged for those aspiring to pursue a career in the welding industry.
  • Endorsement Opportunity: Students completing two years in the program can earn a Welding Business and Industry Endorsement.
  • Hands-On Learning: The program adopts a hands-on approach, providing practical skills in construction safety, construction mathematics, hand and power tools, and occupation-specific construction methods.

Programs Offered

  • High School Welding Program

Additional Information


2-4 years in high school totaling 8 credits. 11th and 12th grade courses are required.


Year 1:
Introduction to construction safety, mathematics, and common tools.
Hands-on approach to skill-specific construction methods.
Level 1 course for Carpentry, Electrical, HVAC, Plumbing, and Welding.
Grade Level: 9-12, Course #: 8173x, 8174x, Credit: 2.0

Year 2 – Welding I:
Provides knowledge, skills, and technologies for employment in metal technology systems.
Integration of academic and technical knowledge and skills.
Grade Level: 10th-12th, Course #: 8175x, Credit: 2.0

Year 3 – Welding II:
Builds on knowledge and skills from Welding I.
Develops advanced welding concepts and skills.
Integration of academic and technical knowledge and skills.
Grade Level: 11th-12th, Course #: 8179x, Credit: 2.0

Year 4:
Work-based learning with opportunities for credit through internships.
Placements approved by the Construction Technology Academy.
Grade Level: 12th, Course #: 8180x, Credit: 2.0