Texas Underwater Welding Schools

Best Underwater Welding Schools in Texas

Underwater welding requires not only a passion for the intricate art of welding but also specialized training in an environment that mimics the challenges of submerged conditions. Texas, with its offshore oil and gas industries and coastal opportunities, is home to some of the best underwater welding schools in the country.

The Ocean Corporation

10840 Rockley Rd, Houston, TX 77099

(800) 321-0298


The Ocean Corporation offers an Ultimate Diver Training program focusing on Commercial Diving and Underwater Welding. The program equips individuals with hands-on practical training and industry knowledge for a successful career in these fields.

Commercial Diving: The 6th Fastest Growing Career

Commercial diving, including underwater welding, is identified as the 6th fastest-growing job in America. The program emphasizes real-world applications in diverse environments, and 90% of commercial diving billable hours occur in the Gulf of Mexico.

Program Highlights

The Ultimate Diver Training covers various aspects of commercial diving, including:

  • Offshore Oilfield Diving Operations
  • Inland Diving Operations
  • Surface and Underwater Welding and Cutting
  • Mixed-Gas and Lock-Out Diving
  • Recompression Chamber Operations
  • Hazardous Environment Intervention
  • Rigging Certification
  • Offshore Survival and Safety
  • Underwater Nondestructive Testing (MT & UT Level I & II)
  • Operation of Remotely Operated Vehicles (ROV)

Practical Training Scenarios

Students undergo extensive practical training, including:

  • Lift Bag Operations
  • Zero Visibility Training
  • Operating Decompression Chambers
  • Open Water Commercial Dives in various locations
  • Offshore Safety and Survival Training
  • Hazmat Diving

Diverse Employment Opportunities

Graduates have welding employment opportunities both offshore and inland. Commercial divers play crucial roles in constructing oil platforms, pipelines, and conducting subsurface inspections and repairs.

Advancement and Industry Experience

Career advancement is based on individual performance. The program emphasizes personal competence, ensuring divers can quickly progress in the industry. Ocean Corp, established since 1969, imparts comprehensive training and industry insights.

Types of Commercial Diving Work

Contrary to popular belief, underwater welding is only a small part of commercial diving. Divers engage in various tasks, including bridge inspection, construction, and repair; fabrication of equipment; salvage; search and recovery; underwater inspections, welding, cutting, and more.

Efficient Program Duration

The program’s streamlined 30-week curriculum eliminates unnecessary general education courses, focusing on essential information for immediate employability in commercial diving or nondestructive testing fields.

Career Placement Assistance

Ocean Corp offers career placement assistance, helping students transition smoothly into the workforce. Students receive support in resume writing, interview skills, job searching, and networking opportunities.

Facilities and Instructors

Ocean Corp boasts large, well-equipped facilities, including purpose-built decks and diving complexes, hyperbaric decompression chambers, and experienced instructors with over 150 years of industry experience.

Location Benefits

Situated in Houston, the 4th largest city in the U.S., students benefit from a thriving economy, diverse opportunities, and proximity to over 200 NDT companies. The location provides a rich cultural and entertainment environment.

Additional Information

Financial Aid and Accreditation
Support for Veterans

Ocean Corp is honored to support veterans and active military personnel, maintaining a military-friendly designation since 2014. Special services and career training opportunities are offered to those who have served.